Mirai Bi-Color Sweet Corn

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The world famous sweet corn variety!

Developed in Harvard Illinois, the story of Mirai sweet corn is truly fascinating. Mirai was developed by a Cornel University plantsman named J. David Mackenzie at Ahrens Family Farm in Harvard, IL in the 1990s. The Ahrens family, struggling with the recession of the early 90s hired Mackenzie to research ways in which they might be a better able get their products to market. While attempting to naturally breed a corn variety with robust resistance to disease Mackenzie stumbled upon the best sweet corn he had ever tasted. 

But there was a problem... Mirai corn was so delicate that it could only be harvested by hand. The mechanical harvesting popular in the United States would destroy the product. Knowing they had found something truly spectacular these farmers turned to Japan, where small "boutique" farms and hand picked produce were still common. Miriai swept the Japanese market. Within a few years it represented nearly half of all corn sold in Japan. 

By this time there was a resurgence of interest in farmers' markets in the US. As the word spread Mirai became one of the most popular and sought after products at American farmers' markets due to its amazing flavor and tender texture.

The Ahrens family still limit the amount of Mirai seed sold each year so this truly is a rare and special product. Get it while it's here! 

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