Kankakee Brown Pumpkins

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A true Three Sisters Garden heirloom variety. We were given these seeds by a woman in Kankakee around 2005. Next season, we planted the seeds, and grew out a patch of really funny looking pumpkins.  We went back to her to ask what to call them, but alas, she had passed, so we called them Kankakee Brown Pumpkins, and they have been wildly popular with our restaurant customers for many years. 

Some were long, and a little bulbous at the blossom end, some like footballs, some like typical pumpkins, some actually difficult to distinguish from butternuts.  Some massively big, and some just a few pounds.

We have been selecting our seeds very carefully, choosing to avoid the largest or most irregularly shaped. Over the years, as we went for the more round ones, and not the biggest, our general shape changed, and what was a wildly variable mix, has become a bit more uniform. We are offering these this year, in two sizes:  Small will be about 5-7#, and large will be a target size of around 10#. 

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