I am, in no way, a formally trained glass blower, but over the last few years, I have taken lessons at Hot Shop Glass in Racine, and I am pretty happy with my progress so far. 

If you are looking for an absolutely perfect piece of glass, this might not be for you.  I am a color junkie, and as such, many of my pieces are not highly refined, because the trade off for heavy color use, is distortion in shape.  Just as a black roof absorbs heat, and a white roof reflects, the same is true with color in glass, different colors melting at different temperatures.  If freeform is in the description, the glass is determining the shape and idiosyncrasies of the form.  My job is to keep it roped in, as best I can, while helping the color find its path.  Very often, I start out making a bowl, but the glass does something interesting, shows me something, and I end up making a completely different piece, because I am now chasing what I saw spinning in the molten glass.  My work tends to be heavy, another tool in working with great gobs of color, and pretty rustic, but when the light hits them, they can make quite a splash.  All that glass makes for a pretty sturdy vase or pitcher.
I am open to talk about custom work, but making the same piece twice is taxing even for fully trained, seasoned glass artists.  I can make a similar shape, use the same colors, apply the same techniques, but a set of matching glassware would have to be a loose interpretation.  After all, the glass always has the final say.

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