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We are officially in drought, and although here, we are managing ok so far, many of you who are Green City customers may know, and love, someone who is suffering greatly. 

Jerry Boone, of Froggy Meadows Farm near Beloit WI, has never had a well, and has pretty much relied on rain and groundwater as his water source for his farm. I hear it has been 4 months since he saw anything fall from the sky, that following a winter with very little snowfall.

Jerry is very much at risk, and it will be a terrible loss to lose him, and his very unique crop list. If you know of Jerry, you know he is an unusual man with an unusual approach to farming, and he is in serious risk of total crop loss right now. 

A group of concerned Chicago chefs have put together a GoFundMe for Froggy Meadows, reflecting his importance to the restaurant community, but also extending a ready opportunity for the market community to pitch in. Maybe give it some thought. 

Like our little farm, Jerry travels off the more trodden path, offering a number of things through the season, that will appear on nearly no other farmers’ tables. In my mind, and hopefully yours, Jerry and Froggy Meadows Farm, are worth a save.

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