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We are looking forward to an amazing ride, working with 4, new to us restaurants, and the Lee Initiative.

What a great way to help two related industries, (local food producers, and local restaurants) as we all try to navigate through this new version of what our industries now look like. 

There have been dark days in the last few months for this little farm, but mostly a feeling of a slow descent into failure.  It isn’t about whether we want to keep producing, we do, and have done everything in our power to make that happen.  It is about how long we can function, bringing in less money than we are exhausting.  The Restaurant Reboot Project from the Lee Initiative is making the dream of getting to the other side of this intact, quite a bit more likely for so many of us. 

To give producers funds that we desperately need to keep working, and then give restaurants credit for goods that those funds represent, is not only a wonderful idea in how to assist more of us with the same money, but promotes the idea of local agriculture, and food production, as a thing of merit, valued, and worth taking the effort to save. 

My biggest fear in 2020 is that small businesses will see the damage that may be insurmountable before we get to anything that really looks like normal again.  It is truly a blessing to have the Lee Initiative, and friends like Bill Kim, who suggested us, helping to keep things going while we continue to struggle with the societal effects of Covid-19.


If you would like to donate to the Lee Initiative to keep the program running and help save small businesses, then you can do so via the link here: 


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